Gal (Glazer), Aharon

Gal (Glazer), Aharon

Aharon, son of Pnina and Nathan, was born on January 4, 1942 in Haifa. He studied at the Amishav elementary school in Ramat Gan and at the New High School in Tel Aviv. From his childhood, Aharon was active in the Hashomer Hatzair movement and even guided the movement. There was no activity in the movement he did not participate in – summer camps, trips, marches and conferences. He excelled as an ordinary member and as a highly capable guide and leader. His teachers and friends in school remember him as an excellent student and an admirer of everything. Toward the end of his studies at the New High School in Tel Aviv, he wrote research papers on “Water in Israel”, which received an excellent grade and great appreciation from his teachers. He was a serious and deep-hearted man, kind, diligent and conscientious. Among his friends was Ehud and Haviv, a pleasant conversationalist and a good friend. Aharon was drafted into the IDF in mid-October 1959 and served in a Nahal unit at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. In his army service, he was able to integrate work and studies. He was responsible for irrigation in the orchard and edited the farm bulletin. Since he was a connoisseur of knowledge, he continued to study and read extensively, especially in the areas of knowledge of the country, archeology and geography. The kibbutz enabled him to study at the Avshalom Institute for the knowledge of the country, where he completed his studies as a certified tour guide. After he was discharged from the army, he left the kibbutz and began to study organic chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After completing his studies, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Chemistry. During his studies, he worked for a variety of jobs as a tour guide, as a gardener, as a telephone operator and as a port worker. At the university, he excelled in his studies, and his teachers valued him as a diligent and responsible student. During his studies in Jerusalem, he married a wife and set up a house in one of the capital’s neighborhoods. He considered the service in the reserves very important and considered it a great duty and a way to contribute his strength to the state. During the reserve duty he completed a machine gun course and became a machine gunner in the Jerusalem Brigade. After being awarded a doctorate in chemistry, Aharon worked at Agan Chemicals and headed the laboratory research team. He specialized in agricultural research, seeing agriculture as one of the country’s future branches. For several years he was involved in research at the Hebrew University and in the field of his research he published several pioneering works, published in Israel and abroad, and serve as a basis and material for those who continue his work. When the Yom Kippur War broke out, Aharon served in reserve duty as a machine gunner in the “Oracle” stronghold in the northern region of the Suez Canal. During the first hours of the war, the stronghold was attacked and severely shelled by the Egyptians. Many of his defenders were killed and wounded, and on the second day of the war the others decided to try to get out and reach the rear of our forces. Aharon and his comrades left the stronghold to the east on a tank and a half-track, and on their way they encountered two ambushes of the Egyptians, who fought in them, and were able to fight them.In the battle for the third ambush, on the 7th of Tishrei 5734 (7.10.73) He left behind a wife and two daughters, and published a pamphlet in his memory, including friends’ comments on his character, letters he wrote to his friends and family, and chapters from articles he wrote and poems he composed.

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