Freddy Michael

Freddy Michael

Son of Ida and Abraham. Born on December 23, 1974 in Tsur Shalom, Kiryat Bialik, the only son of parents who had been expecting and expecting a child for eighteen years from their wedding, Freddy’s birth was the most precious gift given to them and gave light and content to their lives. In Tsur Shalom, where he studied in the state elementary school, he continued his high school studies at the Ort school in Kiryat Bialik, in mechanics, and was well-versed in gold and technical sense. Everyone liked him because of his gentleness and spirit of volunteerism. Freddy, on the other hand, gave them affection and made them happy and rested, and he appreciated his great esteem for them in many different ways and often surprised them with presents. In the car his parents bought him, he would take his mother on trips around the country and her relatives, and he would be very happy. After a basic training course he underwent various professional courses and was trained as a tank mechanic. At the end of the training period, he was assigned to the Ordnance Corps and served as a mechanic in a tank workshop. Freddy had suffered quite a few hardships during his service because of his medical problems, but refrained from informing his parents about his difficulties, so as not to upset them. He usually showed personal satisfaction and self-confidence and enjoyed the sympathy of commanders and friends at the base. As in civilian life, so in the army, he is known as a reliable person, who never says “no” and who performs his work with dedication and responsibility. Freddy loved life and had many dreams. He hoped to realize his technical skills after liberation and become independent in a field he loved so much. Five months before his release from the IDF, on February 25, 1995, Freddy fell in the line of duty. He was almost twenty-one years old when he fell. Freddy was asked by his superior to transfer another tank, which had been turned over two weeks earlier in Lebanon. During the execution of the transfer, the turret of the tank (which was later found to be improper) hit him with a death wound. Freddy was laid to rest in the Tzur Shalom military cemetery. Survived by his parents. After his death he was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved parents, the commander of the unit in which Freddy was serving said: “Freddy was a dedicated soldier, willing to lend a helping hand at all times, a long-term social leader with a high work ethic, a model soldier and one of the pillars of the workshop. He was very fond of his commanders and friends, a model and exemplary soldier in the unit, and the soldiers and commanders of the workshop grieve for a friend who has lost his memory. His parents say that only four months after his enlistment, he already arranged the division of labor for reservists in the unit and was responsible for the tank treatments, and always did his work with responsibility and endless dedication. Military service was very important to him and already during his regular service he thought about continuing his reserve service and told his mother that he intends to continue serving in the battalion because of the great interest he finds there. All his dreams faded when he fell. From a song his parents wrote in his memory: “Dear Freddy Ben / You came to a late world / Thank God / You came after eighteen years of marriage / I happily filled your house / With all the work of your hands. And in 1995The role of fall / the terrible pain is great / You will never come back / We need to get over / Have someone light a candle for you. “

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