Filosof, Avraham

Filosof, Avraham

Avraham, son of Leah and Yitzhak Filosof, was born on 26.1.1929 in the city of Bursa, Turkey. He studied only a few classes in the school and immigrated to Israel in 1942, despite the opposition of his parents. After spending three months in Mikvah Israel, he underwent training as part of the religious youth aliyah in Tirat Zvi. He was diligent and devoted to his work. Two years later, he set out with his friends to form the Shahar group, the first religious group of Middle Eastern immigrants, to assume responsible positions. When he learned that his parents needed his help, he parted with a painful Lev from the group and worked for a few months in private work.
With the outbreak of the battles in Israel, he immediately became involved in the battle, already trained by the Haganah and trained in the Carmeli Brigade. On the afternoon of March 27, 1948, a convoy of seven vehicles and 90 people left Nahariya to deliver supplies, fortifications and reinforcements to Yichiyam. Near Kabri, the convoy encountered an Arab ambush. The first armored vehicle managed to break into Yechiyam, but the rest of the vehicles were ambushed. The convoy members fought until the evening and under cover of darkness some of them managed to escape, but about half of them fell in combat, Avraham among them. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Nahariya.

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