Ezra, Yoram

Ezra, Yoram

Yoram, son of Sabihah and Anuwar, was born in Ashkelon. He completed four years of schooling at the Gordon School in Ashkelon, and when his family moved to Tel Aviv, he completed his elementary studies at the Hatikvah School. Afterward, he moved to the vocational school “Amal”, where he combined the studies of mechanical vehicles with practical work in the “Pinchas Garage”. He was a good-hearted boy, loved to help others, and never harmed anyone. Thanks to his good temperament, his comfortable and sociable nature and his attitude toward others were loved and accepted by friends and acquaintances. Yoram liked to listen to music especially Yehoram Gaon, he also loved reading and his free time he spent reading books.
on June 3, 1954. Yoram was drafted into the IDF in mid-February 1973 and volunteered for the Golani Brigade. After completing his hard training, he took another course and became a Golani fighter. He was a good soldier, loyal and devoted to his unit and every role assigned to him, carried out responsibly, willingly and fully. As in civilian life, in the army he was loved by his friends. He had an excellent sense of humor, during the difficult training period, he used to tell jokes and stories to amuse his friends and thus contributed to raising morale. He never hesitated to help his comrades in the company he offered his help and always did more than was necessary. When the Yom Kippur War broke out, Yoram’s unit was on the Golan Heights. On October 9, 1973, the unit was sent to fight a Syrian commando force stationed in the area of the Nafach-West junction. The battle was very difficult and fighting in this rocky area was slow and complicated. The battle continued and Yoram and his friends fought from rock to rock and from position to position. Slowly they stopped the enemy and began to push them back. During the battle Yoram tried to improve his position and when he got up, he was hit and killed. He was brought to eternal rest in the military section of the Kiryat Shaul cemetery. Survived by his parents, three brothers and two sisters. after his fall he was promoted to the rank of Corporal.

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