Eliyahu, Ze’ev (Zevik)

Eliyahu, Ze’ev (Zevik)

Ben Sarah and Abraham. He was born on October 18, 1964 in Moshav Taiz. Brother to my people, Aviva and Carmit. Ze’ev grew up in an open house, which provides regular visitors and educates for modesty and the way of life. Ze’ev began his education at the kindergarten of Moshav Te’uz, and later attended the Matityahu Elementary School in Moshav Tzalfon, where he joined the Bnei Akiva youth movement and was active in it. “When you were a child you strolled to many worlds / You did not board a plane / And no flotilla on a ship / But a flotilla in the world of books / From here you acquired wisdom, knowledge and understanding / in childhood, you surprised us in fluent Hebrew, in a rich language / strict adherence to the rules of grammar, and especially the strictness of euphemism. You are the embodiment of goodness in this world / You are sure that you play a role. More important in a higher world. “In February 1983, Ze’ev enlisted in the IDF as kashrut supervisor. After basic training and a NCO course, he arrived at the Manus unit, a new unit established after the War of Independence. As Rabbi Shimon Nahmani says: “When he came to see me, I saw a thin, shy, humble man with a knitted skullcap on his head, full of awe. At the beginning of our conversation, I knew that at this moment I had grasped the soldier who over the years had been and remained for number one. “After taking up his duties as a kashrut supervisor, he learned the work in a short time and invested all his energy in all areas, especially religion. And the reservists became an admired figure because of his easy nature, he never raised his voice, he was always calm, and two months later he was appointed shift supervisor in the kitchen, which provided service to a large number of soldiers and required full control of a staff of thirty every day. His role in a positive and authoritative manner, while taking care of the smallest details The unit raised the level of the kitchen and the soldiers’ satisfaction with the level of food, service, attitude, and kashrut.In all the kashrut issues, soldiers turned to the wolf and received solutions to all their needs, with a smile that did not dissipate even during days of stress. At the beginning of his career as a career soldier, he worked as a cook and kashrut supervisor, and later advanced to the position of chief sergeant. Ze’ev progressed well in the ranks to the rank of senior sergeant. During his service he began studying for a BA in Business Administration at the University of Latvia branch in Rehovot. Zeev spent time and energy to finish his degree. One of the topics that concerned him was the motivation of the employees, and therefore he researched the subject and submitted a final paper on “The connection between employee motivation in a different employment status and organizational commitment in the Jerusalem municipality.” Ze’ev was a humble and humble man with broad horizons and discretion on many subjects, a pleasant man who was meticulous in his character and manner. Peace always preceded everyone, and human love and respect were at the top of his mind. A person who observes the commandments and observes them is very light, prays and puts on tefillin every day. He worked tirelessly and with great effort to organize and build the synagogue in his unit. He went into the details of the books, the Holy Ark, the tables and the cleanliness. After the introduction of the Torah scroll, at the opening ceremony of the synagogue, in the presence of the Chief Military Rabbi, Ze’ev was happy and a great smile of satisfaction was poured over him. On the 15th of Tevet 5763 (15)12 December 2002) Ze’ev fell in the line of duty and he is thirty-eight. He was buried in the military section of the cemetery in the village of Uriya. Survived by his parents, brother and two sisters. The commander of the Mara’a base told the wolf: “Zevik, how exactly today, the tenth of Tevet and the day of Kaddish the general, the day the process that led to the destruction of the Temple began because of free hatred, you left us and you are the right-hand man in our unit for free love, “The unit commander wrote:” You functioned as a person who knows how to connect all of them, a counselor with wisdom, and especially with the great heart. You were the first one to come to the unit and the last one to leave The first place we always entered was Zevik’s office. Where we would talk about anything in the world. You had the wisdom of life that you tried to convey to us. Two weeks ago I had a conversation with Zevik’s soldiers. The first thing they told me about Zevik was that Zabik was not only their commander, but also a friend and father. There are many stories about him, how he took soldiers with difficult problems and rehabilitated them with eternal patience, and for this they and we are grateful to him. “Sgt. Shimon Nachmani wrote:” The time of his tragic death came. – In the Holy Land, his soul rested in heaven / a merciful father in the Garden of Elokim His soul rest / to assemble a remote remnant with his virtues – More than anything else he loved his family / Hashem gave, the Lord took his soul / and as a woman sacrifice . ” Ze’evi’s sister, Aviva, wrote: “Ze’evi, we continue life without believing that you are no longer here with us, how can we understand that we were four brothers and that we were left with three meals? And say hello with a smile, that you will not be interested in what is happening with the work and how the studies are progressing, so that you will not shout at Carmit that she will leave the shower … Suddenly, the blessing of ‘The Living of the Dead’ added a new meaning to me … We speak every day and one day we meet. “We will remember Zevik and his memory forever and we will preserve the memories of childhood / friends and friends / brothers on trips / and the collection of stamps / get up at seven / and go out to nature / not before research / on plants and animals / You know how to give and help so badly. We want you to come back / oh how sad we are that you have become too early for the angel. ” To commemorate Ze’ev, the family donated a Torah scroll and Torah library to the central synagogue of Moshav Taoz.

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