Daskal, Noah

Daskal, Noah

Son of Esther and Joseph, was born on the 5th of Tishrai, September 19, 1928 in the city of Madiash, Transylvania, Romania. Noah immigrated to Israel as part of Youth Aliya in 1944 and underwent training at Beit Hashita. With all his soul he loved the kibbutz movement and saw it as the way to life and a means of settling the land. After completing two years of training in the company, he enlisted in a Palmach company that had been stationed for over a year in Givat Brenner. At the outbreak of the War of Independence he went to the Negev, and served in the Negev Brigade, in defensive operations for the young communities and the guard posts on the water line, which the gangs began to sabotage. He fell on 28 Kislev 5708, Dec 11, 1947, when his squad went to tour the water line and on the roads in the Negev. There they encountered an enemy ambush in Mishmar Hanegev. In the difficult battle that developed, all the members of the squad fell. Noah
was buried in Mishmar Hanegev on the 15th of Cheshvan 5706 (15.11.1949) he was laid to rest at the Nachlat Yitzchak military cemetery.

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