Cohen, Michal (Rachel)

Cohen, Michal (Rachel)

Daughter of Rivka and Yehuda (Leon). She was born on 14.7.1973 in Acre and studied at the Gordon Elementary School in Haifa, where she continued her studies at the Rosie Junior High School in the city and later studied at the IAF Technical School in Haifa. During her high school studies, she volunteered to serve in Magen David Adom and was responsible for the volunteers, her activities and help in saving lives received great esteem, her main hobby was folk dances, and every Saturday she joined the beach performers and began her service at the IAF Technical School in 1988 In the computer, control and electricity track, was recruited for regular service at the end of August 1988. She served in the Air Force, serving at the Hatzerim base, the “Flying Tigers” She fell in her military service in Nahariya, and was survived by her parents, two sisters – Ronit and Lilach and two brothers – Moshe and Benny. The unit commander wrote to the bereaved family: “Michal served about five planes. From a professional perspective she demonstrated a high level and succeeded in a short time in obtaining all the necessary skills to carry out her work in the unit. Michal was the only child on the team in the same position. She succeeded in penetrating the spirit of the team and becoming a member of everyone; in fact she was the motivating figure in the team. She was always full of joy and yet a responsible, quiet and intelligent soldier. “

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  • Name: חיה ופזית

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