Cohen, Hadar

Cohen, Hadar

Hadar, daughter of Sigalit and Ofer Cohen, was born in Or Yehuda on March 31, 1997. Two and a half months after her recruitment, Hadar set out for her first operational activity and was stationed at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Before the end of the shift, the officers identified two suspects and asked them to stop and show identity cards. One of the suspects drew a weapon and began to confront the commander of the force. The second suspect pulled out a knife and began to stab Ravit, Hadar’s fellow officer, in the head and neck. Ravit lost a lot of blood, fell to the ground and the terrorist continued to attack her.
Hadar retreated a few steps back, drew her gun and liquidated the terrorist, saving Ravit’s life. A third terrorist emerged from the back and fired two bullets at Hadar’s head and a policeman who had come to the scene neutralized the terrorist. Hadar was critically wounded and rushed to the hospital. The terrorists were found to be carrying weapons, knives and explosive devices, planning a mass-casualty attack.
Hadar Cohen fell in battle on 24 Shvat, February 3, 2016. She was nineteen when she fell. She was laid to rest in the military section of the Yehud cemetery. Survived by her parents, a sister and a brother.
In July 2016, a ceremony was held to change the name of the girls’ company in the Border Guard from Hanit to Hadar. Hadar was awarded the Medal of Honor for her response to the incident at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Eight babies born after her death were named after Hadar. At a ceremony held in January 2017 in Or Yehuda, the cornerstone was laid for “Merkaz Hadar” in her name.

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