Cohen, Dov-Shimshon (Dvaleh)

Cohen, Dov-Shimshon (Dvaleh)

Son of Meir and Victoria (wiki). Born on December 10, 1952 in Haifa as a member of an old family in the city. The name Dov was given to him by his father’s brother-in-law (brother and his comrades-in-arms) fell together in the Negev during the War of Independence, and his father transferred their bodies to Haifa and brought them to eternal rest in the military cemetery. Dov was named after the friend, and was named “Shimshon” after the name of Gondar Shimshon, who fell in the framework of the Irgun organization in the underground activities). Dabaleh spent his childhood in the Puah neighborhood of Haifa and began his elementary studies at the Ma’ale Hacarmel school near his home. In sixth grade, he moved to the Alliance high school and completed his high school studies and high school matriculation exams at the high school in the city of H. He was blessed with great concentration and memory. In the real professions, but also in the other subjects he was a student above the average, studied at the Technion in Haifa, in the framework of the academic reserve, engineering management and manufacturing, and four years later received an engineer’s degree. His shining eyes, his curly hair, his vigorous movements pointed to a wild, stormy, sweeping rush-and on the other hand, He was an authoritative and persuasive authority, and yet he was able to associate with great and great, as if he were one of them, full of certain principles and ideals that he absorbed in his father’s house – a public figure who represented his faith and his movement The Council of the Haifa Municipality and the Knesset, but also the openness to listen, to try, to understand and to accept other opinions, not to miss one day of putting on tefillin, but to take his view of others. And his sincerity could not leave indifferent to him all those around him, and thus gained their hearts from the first moment of his encounter with him. A practical expression of his world-view and special qualities was given by Debeleh in his public work, which he opened at a young age in class and student councils. After that, he devoted time, energy and great love to the Scouts movement – in the tribe of the Carmel Horsemen. At the age of 14 he was a guide and at the age of 18 he became the center of the tribe, a position he held until his graduation from the Technion. He maintained his physical fitness by practicing night-time runs as well as football, tennis and ping-pong games. He spent whole nights playing chess. When Dvaleh began studying at the Technion, he asked not to burden his father and finished with funding for the tuition on his own. He did not disdain any work, as long as he stood on his own and did not fall into a burden on anyone. Toward the end of his studies at the Technion, he was offered the opportunity to concentrate on the activities of the academic reserve in the Haifa area. However, the education he received at home, the national outlook, which he fought for in many debates with his friends, and the influence of the Yom Kippur War, in which some of his best friends fell, did their job, and his decision was determined not to be a ‘Jobnik’ but to seek a combat challenge. He therefore chose to try to join a pilot’s course, passed tests and was accepted to the course. Dabaleh’s military career began in basic training, as part of the academic reserve, as early as October 1970. Two years later he successfully passed a commanding course and was promoted to corporal. At the end of 1974 he began his continuous military service, proudly wearing the uniform of the air force. He has undergone many courses including a parachuting course. He also worked in public aviation, and was chosen to be the ‘governor’ – the head of the student council of the school. This role also played – as always- With momentum and responsibility. The requirements in the courses were high, and the studies were not easy for a man of the same qualifications, and the doubt began to pester him about his chances of succeeding in school to the end. In July 1976 he was awarded the title of Lieutenant-Colonel. He enrolled in the regular army and began an operational operation. While planning his plans for the future as a pilot in the air force, as well as establishing a home and marrying his wife, the tragedy happened and Dabeleh fell in the line of duty on 19 February 1977. Was brought to eternal rest in the military cemetery in Haifa, not far from the graves of two of his uncles, who also gave their lives in their service for the homeland. Survived by his parents and three brothers. Deborah’s commander wrote to the bereaved parents: “Only a short time has passed since I met your dear son, Dov, but I learned to cherish him and praise him for his wisdom, diligence, and devotion to the unit. Dov was a graduate of his comrades, but served as a leader and an example – in spirit, in his friendship and in his stubbornness to achieve what was required. ” The parents produced a large and elegant book in memory of Debaleh.

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