Chilo, Nissim

Chilo, Nissim

Nissim, son of Yaffe and Ovadia Chilo, was born on May 16, 1930 in Damascus, Syria. When he was two years old, his father died. In his hometown he studied at Talmud Torah and the Alliance School. From his youth he was a member of the Hehalutz movement and in October 1944 he immigrated to Israel and dreamed of joining one of the kibbutzim, but when his mother arrived in Israel they settled in Haifa and he supported her.
At first he worked in frameworks, then joined the “HaNoar HaOved” organization and worked at the “Hasna” company. Nissim stood out for his fine manners, his humility and his good looks. He was elected to various positions in the organization and filled them faithfully and wisely.
Nissim was among the first to serve in the Carmeli Brigade and took part in many activities, including the attacks on the villages of Jaba and Ein Ghazal and the Arab convoy of weapons near Kiryat Motzkin. In an action to secure transportation between Tel Aviv and Haifa, he was injured and fell near the village of Jaba on 8 Adar II, 19 March 1948, and was brought to rest in the military cemetery in Haifa.

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