Chanukah, Roni (Aaron)

Chanukah, Roni (Aaron)

Ben Aliza and Jacob. He was born on the 13th of Cheshvan 5742 (October 13, 1961), the eldest son of his parents, and over the years he was joined by four sisters: Gila, Michal, Sigalit and Hannah, who grew up and was educated in Jerusalem. He was very active in society, loved traveling around the country, playing soccer and tennis, and in his spare time he loved to learn and to make himself perfect. The family always knew that it was possible to lean on his strong back, and Roni successfully completed his studies at the Sokolov Elementary School in Jerusalem Continued his studies in the village of Silver Ashkelon and Symes military boarding school of the Navy, with the explicit goal to join the naval commandos. In January 1979 he was recruited Ronnie compulsory military service. In spite of his ambition to serve in the naval commando unit, he finally chose a combat path at Golani, in the ‘Raven’ unit, where he completed his military service with great success. “We always loved him, he was the older brother, the brother who hears and understands, the brother who advises every problem, the brother from whom you can learn a lot.” Upon his discharge from military service, Roni enlisted in the police. Roni, even though he was not called up for reserve duty, insisted on volunteering and serving during the war. He always stood out for his kindness and contribution to others, and he fulfilled the verse “love your neighbor as yourself” perfectly. He began his career with the police, and from there he made a good progress. In June 1983 Ronny married Hannah. The couple lived in a really poor apartment and Roni renovated it with his own hands, and he made sure everything looked good and nice and tried not to miss anything at home. About a year later his daughter Natanela was born. She was born premature and the treatment required patience, staying at her side in the hospital and special treatments. Ronnie treated her with devotion and love and devoted all her attention to her despite the workload he was in. Over the years, Ronny had progressed to the police and received a position he wanted very much in the detective department. In November 1986, his son Roy was born. “A sweet little boy with a smile like Ronny’s.” Roni tried to give his children everything in his spare time: he traveled with them, played with them and spoiled them so that they would have nothing. He tried to find time to develop the talent of painting and graphics, progressed alone and created beautiful paintings. Ronny continued his work in the police as an undercover detective, fighting crime and drugs, and his name went ahead. He received great appreciation for his work in the police force, for his efficiency and devotion to the job, and for his show of resourcefulness and initiative even during off-duty hours. His friends testified that he was an outstanding policeman, “a work horse and a policeman in all his limbs.” Every step he took was accompanied by investment and great thought. Ronny was a generous young man with a golden heart who always loved to help and give, and this is what the many thank-you letters he received from the citizens who helped them in the line of duty. He was a traditional observant, and the rabbi of the police said that whenever Ronny ran into a mezuzah-free room he would approach him gently and tell him about it. On August 23, 1989, Roni was called to active reserve duty, during which he went with an IDF force on a tour of the perimeter fence near Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin on September 2, 1989. Roni was critically wounded in the head and rushed to the house Rambam Hospital in Haifa. His friend Danny Barzilai was killed. The next day, on September 3, 1989, Roni returned to the Creator and was buried at the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, leaving a wife, daughter, son , Parents and four brothers. In the village of Kfar Ruppin, near the place where Roni and Danny fell, a monument was erected in their memory. On the stone was engraved the verse ‘Time to love and a time to hate …’ The Jewish Students Organization in Rome planted two trees in the forests of the Jewish National Fund in their memory. Roni’s friends in the police memorialized him by setting up a club named after him.

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