Barda, Amos (Ami)

Barda, Amos (Ami)

Son of Ilana Vittorio was born in Tel Aviv on January 6, 1963. Amos attended the Alshikh State Religious School and then completed his studies at the Amal High School in Tel Aviv, where he was a quiet, introverted and modest man, and his high school teacher, friends from different periods, say they found it difficult to understand him, but after they knew him, they were captivated by the charms of his personality and loved him very much. He was a warm and charming soul, hidden behind a charming smile and inner peace. “Amos gave us the basics of scouting, he used to organize battalion and group meetings and help the tribe as best he could. He was always willing to help, when someone needed help, and in the spirit of his volunteer work he would drag us, his apprentices and friends, Amos taught us the love of the land, dedication and helping others.” While still active in the Scouts, Amos used to draw and paint, and was very interested in art. Amos was drafted into the IDF in early January 1982, and volunteered to serve in the paratroop brigade. After basic training, which lasted about five months, he was sent with his friends from the unit to Lebanon to participate in the Peace for Galilee War. During basic training, Amos was released from his natural shyness and became the center of the group. Because he hated the military way of life, he decided to adopt an easy and humorous approach. Amos used to emphasize the funny thing of everything, whether in kitchen duty or in trench-fighting training, and so he managed to encourage his friends and himself. During his service in Lebanon, Amos was saved from death when a shell exploded where his tent had stood the day before. At the end of August 1982, Amos volunteered to join his comrades in the pursuit of a terrorist cell located in the Wadi near Jabel Baruch. When the force that penetrated the wadi came down, Syrian commandos opened fire and wounded Amos with mortal wounds. On 2 Elul, August 21, 1982, he fell in battle in Lebanon and was brought to the eternal cemetery in Kiryat Shaul. He was survived by his parents, two brothers and a sister. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “Amos is remembered as a good and disciplined soldier, quiet and humble. He was admired among his friends, adhering to the mission and he could comfort his friends in difficult moments.” His friends and members of his family published a pamphlet in his memory, including his character and his way. Various newspapers published lists about his personality and the circumstances of the fall.

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