Bahem, Yochanan (“Yochi”)

Bahem, Yochanan (“Yochi”)

Son of Hanoch and Arna. He was born on March 16, 1936, in Beit Hashita. After graduating from elementary school in Beit Hashita, he continued to attend high school in Ayelet Hashachar until his graduation. He belonged to the youth brigade of the Union of the Kibbutzim and the Kibbutzim and was involved in youth training, especially in the campground. From an early age, he absorbed the love of the landscape and the beginning of his adolescence – the great expanses of the distant Negev; Indeed, not a year went by when he did not visit a new corner in our country together with his peers. Stuck to his life and was loyal to the kibbutzim. From the outset, he chose various branches of agriculture for himself in the field of daily activity within the framework of the school, until at last he chose vineyards as a permanent branch. One day he returned from the funeral of a friend who had fallen in battle and said a few words that day: “If it takes a second time, I’m ready for it!” Shortly after that he left the army to join the IDF as a volunteer for the paratroopers, and soon he adapted to the new regime of his life and discovered supreme body-and-soul efforts during his training and difficult tasks. 31.10.1956) was killed in a battle in the Sinai desert at the Mitla Pass, and was buried at the Military Cemetery in Shachal and on Friday, 31 March 1957, he was transferred to the Ayelet Hashahar cemetery. In the 1930s, the kibbutz published a pamphlet in his memory and the memory of his friend, Yoram Segev, who fell with him, and a year later a book appeared in memory of the two of them: the booklet and the book are called “Yoram and Yochanan.” . Yohanan was mentioned in Uri Milstein’s book, “The Wars of the Paratroopers.”

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  • Name: נעמי בהם
    Relationship: אחות
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