Avi Ben Harosh

Avi Ben Harosh

Son of Gilda and Yehuda. He was born on 18.12.1980 in Afula. Brother to Yossi, Yuval, Or and Oz. He did his elementary studies at the Yavetz school in Zichron Yaakov. My father chose to do middle school and high school at the Hurvitz school in Karmiel, which he completed successfully, with a full matriculation certificate. During his high school years, my father lived in the children’s village in Carmiel and this period, with his many experiences with his teammates, remembered the good and enjoyed telling about it more and more. My father concentrated on the field of sports in the village, and mainly devoted his energy to soccer, a sport he loved very much. My father’s friends from his years in Karmiel remember his sensitivity and kindness, and his constant willingness to encourage and help other troubled youngsters. My father grew up and became a handsome young man whose exterior beauty paled against his inner beauty. He was a lovely boy who loved life and the people around him. My father had a lot of love from the surroundings, and it was clear to all of them that this young man would succeed in life and fulfill all his wishes and wishes. My father was intelligent and talented in the real fields, and mainly interested in computers. He used to claim that he was a “successful economist,” and proved it by making wise investments according to the calculations and theories he developed. In July 1999, Avi enlisted in the IDF, and began his career as a combat soldier in the Golani Brigade 13. After a while he went to serve in the Golani Brigade, where he served in the Golani Brigade and performed the tasks and tasks that were best assigned to him, With a willingness to contribute as much as he could, in spite of any difficulty he faced. “My father’s friends saw him as a prominent figure in the unit, a” computer genius “and a” strategic asset “called him whenever he repaired the unit’s computers. It’s always. ” On July 16, 2001 my father fell in a terrorist attack in Binyamina. A suicide bomber exploded near a bus stop in the area of ​​the train station in the town. My father, who was on his way home, was killed. My father was twenty when he fell. After his death, he was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, who was buried in the military section of the Zichron Yaakov cemetery, leaving behind his parents and four brothers.

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