Arzi (Tenenbaum) Shmuel

Arzi (Tenenbaum) Shmuel

Son of Dina and Dov, was born on April 10, 1212, in Brzezany in eastern Galicia, Poland. He studied at the Chedarim and later in the Chortkov Chassidic Beit Midrash for some of the city’s greatest scholars and was influenced by them in the spirit of Hasidism. Because of his father’s death, Shmuel was forced to stop his studies and take upon himself the burden of supporting the family.
Shmuel immigrated to Israel in Elul in 1936 and joined the Avraham Group in Pines. Here, too, he continued spreading Torah and knowledge.

In the summer of Sivan, 5709, he married an old friend of his group and the couple had a son and a daughter, and he was enthusiastic about the settlement proposal in Kfar Etzion and was among the first to be a member of the council. Shmuel worked in land training, planting, building, and was a permanent and responsible worker in afforestation, and when the blockade began, he demanded that farm work be cut off, which did not require the hour to increase the number of people who would work. Shmuel participated in the halachic committee, which examined the current problems in accordance with it. He raised up the spirit of the members and instilled faith in the future of our victory. He would still encourage his friends, saying: “Whoever wins May 15, the day of the end of the Mandate, will be worthwhile to him; After all, this is what generations aspired to, and that is how we sanctified our lives. “But he did not merit that. On 4 May 1948, he fell on his guard at the fall of the village by the enemy. On the 19th of Cheshvan 5706 (17.11.1949), he was brought to eternal rest with the rest of the fallen in a grave in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.
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