Arie (“Papa”) Feldman

Arie (“Papa”) Feldman

Son of Yona and Miriam. He was born in Haifa on June 29, 1944. He studied at the Geula Elementary School in Haifa and at the time was a member of the Scouts movement, a tribe of Geula, and together with his friend Gadi Yagil, He graduated from the Geula High School, where he successfully completed his graduation studies, graduating with honors, and was drafted into the IDF in 1962 and was accompanied by his friend Gadi Yagil to the band Military operation in which he succeeded. After completing his regular service, he enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed his studies there with good grades. When someone called him and asked him for a show on a volunteer basis, he would willingly accept that he always liked to always reciprocate. Through the students at the university he organized performances for soldiers in all the outposts, on the front and in the rear. Aryeh’s Lev was given to his people, to his army, and to his God, as his deeds would testify; Every holiday he went to the synagogue and had a permanent place in it. In October 1969 he was called up for active reserve duty. On Monday, 20 October 1969, he fell while carrying out an enemy bombing in the Suez Canal area – two days before he began his stag job, and was brought to rest at the military cemetery in Haifa. In Israel, “which was sent in Adar 1, 5763, Aryeh was quoted as follows:” The artist – the entertainer in charity – was walking with distress in his Lev, the distress of a “debtor” to his fellow combat soldiers, for not being among them. The idea was his, and he was the first to realize it, and students and artists began to descend to positions not He was surprised by the fact that so many of his friends and admirers wished to perpetuate the memory of the friend, who could make his laughter Simcha in their hearts. The idea of ​​planting a forest in the name of Arie Feldman (“Papa”) was planted by the Jewish National Fund on the way to the university campus in Haifa, the city that was born and raised there, and it will be a living and eternal tombstone. , Always fresh and amusing in the shadow of her ascension and a winged baron in Afaya, deserves a man who was an interesting and abundant figure Haim – – – “. Following this letter, a forest was planted in its name on the slopes of the Carmel. In the book “Yizkor” published by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, edited by Yehuda Civil, his history and description of the fall; In Beit Ha-Hayal in Beersheba, a room was established in his name by an anonymous donor who learned from the newspaper about Aryeh’s fallen; A scholarship fund for students was also established in his honor; A youth soccer team was also established, called Maccabi Haifa Aryeh.

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