Adiniab, Gandhi

Adiniab, Gandhi

Ben Sabte and Yomtov. He was born on September 25, 1973 in the USSR. The eldest son of a family of six children. In 1979, when Gandhi became six years old, the family immigrated to Israel and established their home in Kiryat Bialik. Gandhi began his studies at the elementary school in Zur Shalom, continued in the Ort Afek junior high school in Kiryat Bialik and graduated from the ORT Sprinzak High School in Haifa in the literary track. At the beginning of March 1992, Gandhi was recruited to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, and after completing basic training, he was assigned to serve as commander of the regional brigade in the Golan Heights. According to his commanders, Gandhi was a very active soldier, who took care of the soldiers’ welfare in the unit. After a short period of time, he was promoted to Corporal, and on June 18, 1993, Gandhi fell in the line of duty and was put to rest in the cemetery in Tzur Shalom. Three brothers – Robert, Albert and Shimon and two sisters – Maria and Marza In a letter of consolation to the bereaved family, the unit commander wrote: “Gandhi served in the unit for about a year. Devoted all his time to the soldiers and did his utmost to ease and facilitate the stay in the unit. A good friend of all, who took on tasks beyond what was imposed on him. Gandhi will be remembered when we walk along the well-kept paths of the base and when we will stay in the club he nurtured with his own hands. “

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