Abu Raad, Saleh

Abu Raad, Saleh

Son of Zohar and Salem. Saleh was born in Shfaram on January 4, 1925. He studied in his village and completed his elementary studies in 1944. When Salah Saleh married, he did not feel Kamla and established a family in Shfaram. Over the years, the family numbered 10 people. He made sure to educate all his children as best he could. On May 19, 1970, at the age of 45, he joined the Border Police and served in the same position in various units, always doing his job in a quiet manner. In his spare time, Saleh used to play with his children and play social games with his children, and he loved to listen to quiet music and to travel around the country On September 9, 1974, while he was on guard, Saleh slipped, fell and was wounded in the back, On November 10, 1975, he felt ill, was rushed to Rambam Hospital in Haifa, underwent surgery, but shortly afterwards died. Saleh was fifty years old when he fell. He was laid to rest in the family grave in Shfaram. He left behind a wife – Kamela, and eight children – Leviev, Adiv, Kind, Shariv, Salim, Hajla, Nazia and Anis.

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