Aaron Shefelderim

Aaron Shefelderim

Aharon, son of Shoshana and Shimon, was born on October 14, 1946 in Tel Aviv, about six months after his parents immigrated to Israel. Their first place of residence was in the Hatikva neighborhood of Tel Aviv, and even then they began to go through the hardships of life. In an Arab attack on the neighborhood, the house went up in flames and the family had to move to another apartment in the same neighborhood. He spent his childhood in the neighborhood, and even then did not enjoy a proper childhood. From the age of three, he suffered from paralysis and was only six years old. In the neighborhood he continued to study at Bar-Giora until the sixth grade. From then on they moved to Givatayim, where he completed his elementary studies at the Borochov School on June 30, 1960 – cycle 29. The final certificate shows good grades; But only “satisfactory” behavior. Even then he began to show a stormy nature; And this behavior continued throughout his life. Detective pamphlets and thrillers took up a place in his school bag, with the parents’ knowledge, and he found an outlet. He continued his studies at the Kalai High School in Givatayim, where he studied for one year and stopped because he wanted to attend a vocational school. At the School of Vocational Training in Or-Yehuda, he studied for a year at the Department of Mechanical Frameworks, and at the recommendation of the school began to work at the Scarf-Hoffman factory in Ramat Gan where he spent two years, one day a week, “In Ramat Gan he worked very well and contributed his energy to the enterprise, because of his energy, he was able to work independently according to plans that were given and often stayed at his own initiative after work hours. He also left the factory, and together they opened an independent business in Jaffa, and Aharon was a man who disliked accepted frameworks, loved freedom very much and despite his dedication to work, He is often vacationing and traveling, especially in one of his trips with a hand of his age, who was licensed and had a motorcycle, and one day the two 17-year-olds came up with the idea of ​​a trip. As it happened, they were at home, and on the way back they turned upside down and Aharon was wounded, and a pickup truck drove them home, and Aharon changed his clothes in secret, and went to the Kupat Holim clinic. His mother, who felt the strangeness of his behavior, followed him, and after he left the Kupat Holim she went to the nurse and from there she heard about the case, as much as she was angry, but more than that she had no choice but to spend money. And when he was told by friends that a young man of his age must begin planning his life and that he had to save, he said that he was a military man and as such did not know what to do.In November 1964 he was drafted into the IDF. In the Six Day War he was a cadet and fighter in the battalion of Major son of Shoham, who fell in the Yom Kippur War in the battles of the Golan Heights. On the first day of the war, in the Abu-Agila area, he was wounded by shrapnel in his eyes and upper parts of his body. He was evacuated and underwent treatment in which most of the shrapnel was removed. At the beginning of 1968, after three and a half years of service, he was wounded. After six months he underwent another operation and the other shrapnel was removed from his eye, while he was still wearing one eye, felt the recruitment of Karameh and joined the forces in spite of his condition. From then on he remained in his unit, continued to advance in the ranks of command in the IDF and was to be a brigade officer in charge of the brigade, and was sent for a year of study. The war caught him in the middle of his vacation. Two days before the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, a representative of the unit appeared at his home and told him to stay at home, because he might be summoned at any moment to the unit. Aharon waited impatiently for the day they would be called to the unit, and even for exercise. So he did not wait for the call, but drove himself to his unit, lest they forget to call him. From his unit he was sent north to join his comrades, who were already in the Golan Heights. He pressed his commanders to place him in a position, and he was given a team with whom he went to the front lines. On the second day of the war he arrived with his company to the Golan Heights and joined a patrol unit, already in the midst of the braking battles. He had seen only a few hours of battle. He was laid to rest on October 14, 1973, on the day he turned 27.

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