הנצחת חללי מערכות ישראל

This website allows visitors to learn about the life of each of the fallen and honor him/her by performing a positive action in their memory.

The positive actions are listed below, however, we encourage each individual to create the light in the darkness, in whichever way they deem appropriate.  

  • Act of Kindness (Chesed
  • תפילה
  • צדקה
  • Torah Learning (Limud)

Packaged Program 

In order to assist schools, congregations, and groups to host meaningful Yom HaZikaron 2020 programs, we will be gifting to each participating community an extensive Online Resource Guide (readings, poems, songs, prayers, videos, skits, etc.) to aid in planning a Yom HaZikaron Program.

Culminating event 

A culminating Memorial Event on Yom HaZikaron will unify Jews worldwide in paying tribute to Israel’s fallen.

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