Yoav Yerushalmi

Yoav Yerushalmi

Son of Shmuel and Sarah. Was born on September 13, 1956 in Rehovot. Where he graduated from Smilansky Elementary School. Afterward, he continued his studies at the Amos De-Shalit high school in the humanistic track, and everyone knew Yoav as a kind, kind, friendly and dedicated boy who always was the first to help anyone in need.was always optimistic, cheerful and full of joy In his childhood, he was known as a big mischievous and loving prankster, but as he grew older, he became more serious and more moderate, and was very active in organizing social activities and sports. “Maccabi Israel” for children and youth, and his favorite hobby was Daya, and from his childhood he was very interested in aviation and aviation. LTC. He read a lot of literature in this field and adulthood he joined the Youth Battalions framework conditions and business gliding, glider building and operation. He also worked in painting and worked in various circles. Before his enlistment he considered studying at the Air Force Technical School, but eventually preferred to volunteer for the paratroopers. On vacation before his induction, he went on a trip abroad and was especially Simcha to visit Brazil, the country of his parents’ birth. Two months later he returned full of stories and experiences, and with him many photographs he took on his trip. Yoav was drafted into the IDF in early November 1974 and volunteered for the Paratroopers Brigade during which he was trained in a paratroopers course and then was sent to a combat paramedics course and successfully completed the course. They were very pleased with him as a soldier and a soldier, and they were very fond of him, and soon they formed Yaffa friendships that continued beyond the unit’s hours of operation. In January 1976, he was awarded the rank of Corporal, and was later sent to an anti-rifle training course And was awarded the rank of sergeant, although he had a good relationship with his colleagues in the unit and with his commanders, and he wanted to move to a unit of airborne paramedics to rescue injured pilots, His concern for his subordinates was to discover, among other things, a personal campaign – a single journey at night, along 14 kilometers in the snow, to bring food to the classroom Who commanded her. On May 10, 1977, Yoav was killed while carrying out a helicopter crash in the Jordan Valley. In this disaster, 54 soldiers were killed. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Rehovot. Survived by his parents and brother. A few days before he fell, he published in his company’s pamphlet his opinion on the role of medic-combatant; He writes: “A combat medic is one of the most important people in the battle, personally responsible for the lives of the wounded, and the wounded pass by him, but when the battle is over, this role is emptied of our contents and the combat medic, “In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, the commander of the unit wrote:” The soldiers of the battalion, its members and commanders will continue on its path – through volunteerism, courage and sacrifice – in order to fortify The security of the people for us and for the entire Jewish people, and for the sake of your son and brothers, the Paratroopers, we will not know another war, the memory of Yoav will no longer be used by us. “He said.

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