Yitzchak Dabush

Yitzchak Dabush

The son of Rachel and Joseph. He was born on the 24th of January 1968 in Ashkelon. Eighth child in the family, brother of Iris, David, Mazal, Shoshana, Shlomo, Zippora, Amos, Shifra and Ronan. Yitzhak was named after Yitzhak our fore-father, and from childhood, he was nicknamed “Itzik.” He grew up in a supportive and cohesive family. His parents raised ten children with great love being educated in the principles of Zionism and the songs of the Land of Israel.

The family moved to Ashkelon, which absorbed the waves of immigration in the 1950s and was characterized by families with children. In November 1986, Yitzhak enlisted in the IDF and joined the Border Police. He completed his mandatory service and continued to the Border Police Service. Over the years, he served in a variety of positions in the logistics industry.

Isaac married his wife Rachel on May 18, 1993. They had two daughters – Kassif and Geffen.

He was loved by his friends, respected his commanders and left a good impression wherever he was. His service friends can tell of a constant smile on his face and a well-developed sense of humor.

During his service, Isaac became ill and began medical treatment. Senior Sergeant Yitzhak Davush fell during his service on the 11th anniversary of May 16, 2019. He was fifty years. Survived by his wife, two daughters and eight brothers and sisters.

His wife Rachel commemorates Isaac by teaching Torah lessons in her home. Iris’s two children, his older sister, followed suit and both joined the Border Police. Geffen, his little daughter, was about to enlist in the Border Police to continue her father’s legacy.

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