Ron Handiper

Ron Handiper

Son of Geula and Eli. He was born in Holon on Sunday, August 28, 1983, at 5:00 am.A younger brother to Millie and to Manny. Until the third grade he studied at the Maginim Elementary School in Holon, and after the family moved to Jaffa, Ran continued his studies at the Weizman elementary school until sixth grade. He moved to junior high school and high school “Ironi Z” in the Jaffa Education Campus. Ran was a very curious, intelligent, playful boy. From a very young age he was opinionated, stubborn, and had a special sense of humor. In his studies he was a mediocre student and above, since he did not bother to invest. In 10th grade he decided to invest more in his studies and when he invested he managed to move from a matriculation class to a theoretical class as he wanted …

In the 11th grade he studied sociology and political science, and in the media and radio, Ran was successful in his matriculation exams and received a grade of 100 in communications and radio (5 units.) From a very young age he sought challenges and found interest in many fields, including religion and Judaism, He studied and asked philosophical questions, and at the age of 17 he read Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed, ciphers from the Bible and more, and headed a group of friends who followed him.

After graduating from high school, Ran continued to study for about a year in the pre-military preparatory program “Leadership and Zionism,” a preparatory course for Nachshon in Nili. When he arrived at the preparatory program, his new career began to be difficult, but soon his developed senses were absorbed and integrated and he was very pleased. Ran loved with all his heart and soul the Mechina, the teachers and the instructors. This period shaped his character and personality and filled him very much.

At the end of the preparatory program, Ran decided with a number of friends to take the trip and walk the “Trans-Israel Trail” on foot from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south. He recorded his impressions in writing and the title was “Travel Diary – The Cross Israel Trail”. Ran very much loved trips in Israel and always said and preached to everyone that the most beautiful trips are hiking and not cars. Ran liked reading very much. From the age of 16 he became a “book worm” and read especially “Moreshet” and education books, books about Eretz Israel, maps and routes. He loved music and singing and played the guitar (learn independently to play). His great love was the songs of singer Shlomo Artzi and he could sing most of his songs. From childhood, he loved riding a bicycle and continued his hobby in his youth and during his military service. When he was a soldier, he made great efforts and bought mountain bikes for the field.

At the end of the preparatory course he decided to enlist in the Armored Corps, and that was the case when he was nineteen years old.

On December 2, 2002, Ran enlisted in the IDF with a high motivation to contribute, influence, and educate, and Ran was assigned to the 401st Brigade, the 46th Battalion, and did basic training for four months at the School for Armored Corps. The profession stage and became a gunner in the tank. After completing his studies, he was transferred to the Advanced Training Course in the Jordan Valley, and at the end of the training period it was decided to send Ran directly to the Tank Commander Course due to his professional suitability and extraordinary motivation to influence and educate. And Ran was assigned to the experimental unit of the Armored Corps, where he served about two rounds.Ran was not satisfied with his appointment, because he wanted to be a combat commander in an operational company or a commander in training fighters.Ran fought for re-assignment, sent many letters to the Chief of Staff, And to the Chief Armored Officer. He was summoned to an interview with the chief of staff who was impressed with him and decided to re-enlist him, and Ran was transferred to the Beshal as a commander in a combat support company, a position that did not satisfy him. In the second round of the Bismarck, at his request, he was transferred to the Merkava 4 tank. In the first round there was an infantry unit, and in the second round was a tank commander.

On Sunday, 5 September 2005, Sgt. Ran Hanifar was killed in an operation near Ma’aleh Adumim. During an operational exercise, as a result of a sharp round and a trench that was in the area turned over tank Veren was killed on the spot. Ran was very satisfied with the team and his position as G. G. He fell about ten days after celebrating his twenty-second birthday, and less than three months before his release from the IDF. Ran was laid to rest at the military cemetery in Holon. Survived by his parents, sister and brother. Ran did not succeed in realizing his plans for the future. Upon his release, he wanted to travel to Israel and was hesitant about studying at the Meir College of Judaism in Jerusalem.

At Ran’s funeral, his friend Udi said: “Ran, you got to the preparatory program a little quiet and introverted. We soon discovered which star came to us – you quickly managed to conquer us all – to make us laugh without interruption, and to carry us after your loves. We do not digest yet, we want one more time to see you, to travel with you, or to get a call from you, something … I now hear the songs of Shlomo Artzi, most of whom speak How can you hear them, as if they were written on you, how did you always make sure that they filmed you nonstop and recorded every moment and every experience? D seize every minute and every minute to travel and enjoy life, rather than supplying invest in us – the guys.

A week ago we sat and celebrated you a birthday in the pub and got drunk, and we talked about the liberation and the trip that took place after the liberation. We love you! You were the person, and the most amazing friend we knew !! We will never forget you … May your memory be blessed. ”

Ran’s mother, Geula, writes: “When you forget – you die / when you remember – life / when it hurts – life / when it hurts – you can not sleep / When life revives the dead. ”

Milly, Ran’s sister, writes: “My beloved and dear brother, memories flood me every day and every hour, childhood memories, a curious and mischievous child who achieves what he wanted in adulthood, tries to lengthen hair, and when you reach the place you aspired to, When I was six months pregnant with little Koren (whom you did not get to know), you bought me the book “The Baby in You” as a gift and with a dedication: “To my beautiful sister, waiting impatiently for the day of birth on the way. I miss your sense of humor, your poetry at home, questions … I miss the almost daily phone calls we had, to think that we have lost precious and beloved treasure, I do not get along.

Ran’s mother, Geula, writes: “When you forget – you die / when you remember – life / when it hurts – life / when it hurts – you can not sleep / When life revives the dead. ”

Milly, Ran’s sister, writes: “My beloved and dear brother, memories flood me every day and every hour, childhood memories, a curious and mischievous child who achieves what he wanted in adulthood, tries to lengthen hair, and when you reach the place you aspired to, When I was six months pregnant with little Koren (whom you did not get to know), you bought me the book “The Baby in You” as a gift and with a dedication: “To my beautiful sister, waiting impatiently for the day of birth on the way. I miss your sense of humor, your poetry at home, my questions … I miss the almost daily phone calls we have made, to think that we have lost precious and loved treasure, I do not get along, I miss the big hug from my tall, .

Eli, Ran’s father, writes to him: “Your charming smile accompanies me and all those who have known you all the time, you are an angel, bigger than life and surrounded by angels, bigger than life. And I’m down here from my loving father. ”

Captain Moshe Alfasi, who was the commander of Ran’s company, wrote to the family: “Ran served under my command from November 2004 to March 2005 as commander of a tank crew in the basic training unit at the Viper School – a fighting family.” To share with you a special time that I experienced together with Ran.

Ran was by nature, due to his height and his presence always stood out and everywhere was the first, Ran was an opinionated guy who always used to express his opinion and make sure his mind was accepted. I remember long conversations that we conducted in my office, where we talked about everything from the soldiers to thorough and philosophical discussions about how soldiers were to be transported and how we believed commanders should be trained. Above all Ran was a human being and this is the most important feature of my opinion with a commander. He did not look for any respect. He did not look for an easy job, although he was always happy to carry out any mission. Ran was a commander of a rare species, unlike everyone else, he had a special way to supervise his soldiers and lead them. He took care of each of them and always tried to help them. Ran simply loved them and as you probably understood they gave him back the same love. Ran always worried about his future in the army and very much wanted to go ahead and see more things. He fought to become commander and fighter, to be a commander in advanced training and very much wanted to be a commander in an operational company. I remember most of all his smile, and especially his smile and happiness when I told him that he was going to be a commander in the training facility of the Kfir company. I was on the journey and they told me on the phone that his move to the company was OK, because I knew how important it was to him, and I told him about it, and Ran was just happy, he hugged me and said “Thank you.” Dear Geula, You told me how much Renn loves the company and how Ran cares for his soldiers even when he is in. It’s hard to finish There’s so much more to tell about how he loved life and loved to enjoy every moment , About his photography craze, about his walks, and about how he always knew how to say the right words at the right time. Real felt … ”

From the words written by Yael Bezalel, who was Ran’s educator in the eleventh and twelfth grades: “Quote -” You had such a mischievous smile that says I proved, I was right, you are all wrong. “Every time you skipped hurdles and obstacles, Full of joy and fun, a smile of a picture in the yearbook that is kept between the pages … ”

Menahem Rotner, Ran’s teacher, writes: “Ran, as a social science student at Ironi Ziv High School, was curious and had a strong desire to enrich his personal knowledge, not only in the fields studied in the school, but also in other fields. And asked me for the sources on which the material from the textbook was based, and he wanted to read the full and detailed text as it appeared in the original books. The degree of difficulty in the article is not enough for me, the material is not challenging enough. Let me deal with something more difficult. “As part of his activity on the school radio station, he used to prepare programs in various fields and also in music, and one day he asked me to help prepare a program that included music for the guitar, Classical guitar, very complex music that requires high attention and concentration, Ran invested in listening and analyzing this type of music, which was new to him and asked to leave the CD with him until he mastered this musical style.Ran was a diligent and talented student and achieved high scholastic achievements. His friends and teachers, and Ran was active in the field He had a unique sense of humor, and always, along with his great seriousness in the field of studies, was able to amuse, entertain and laugh at the right time and in the right place.Ran had a strong social and political critique of what was going on in the country. Prepares himself for roles that he can influence and change and thus make the state a more pleasant place to live in. To advance this ambition, he joined a pre-army preparatory program that trains talented young people to become leaders in the future. In this preparatory program, Ran Farah. During vacations he used to appear at the school and tell how much he enjoyed the activities at the preparatory program and the high level of the facilitators and the participants. Ran especially loved the journeys to get to know the country in all its length. Of blessed memory”.

Zevik Nativ, the head of the Nachshon pre-military academy, wrote: “In September 2001, Ran started the pre-military preparatory course at Nachshon, the Israeli school for social leadership, and together with the rest of his class, Since its inception, the Mechina has been part of two groups of boys and girls, starting with the educational, social, and missionary activities that comprise the “Schengen Process”.

In two things, Ran immediately stood out. The one is very simple – Ran stood out tall and towered above everyone. The second thing was less convenient for us. It turned out that Ran was stubborn all along. Because of the difference in the number of girls and boys in one of the groups, we put Renn in it, that is, we tried to stroke. Ran objected. He did not shout, did not threaten, did not shirk lessons, or “pointed his feet” to create a fact, but simply insisted. How do you insist? Ran knew this – they do not let go, they repeat and say, until we are supposed to determine, give up. Renn returned to his original group and did it quietly, without vanity, without arrogance-almost with his head bowed, almost apologetically for having succeeded…

Here is another Ran – a tour of Jaffa, right at the beginning of the cycle. Ran came to the preparatory program from Jaffa, where he grew up, studied and studied. At the end of the tour, Ran walks up to me and says, “What a tour I’m learning … I’m almost ashamed … I grew up here and wandered around for days and nights, I did not know or know anything that was seen and said on this tour. Not that it would not have happened during the preparatory course, but with him it happened in one fell swoop at the same time, from that moment on, Ran’s curiosity, his lust for knowledge, interest in everything that was seen, and everything that was learned only increased. – one who says: “In the next cycles you will have a lot of ‘Jaffa’. I’ll get to school and recruit more and more trainees for the preparatory program … and he did. In the short-too-short time he had, he did. However, with all the enthusiasm, Ran did not give up any answer to his question, and there were many. Ran asked and asked, and asked again until he received an answer that satisfied him, or completely, with a kind of stubborn resignation that asks himself: ‘Well, well enough, how stubborn can you be?’ It was not easy, to give an answer and another answer and also to feel that you are not ‘delivering the goods’ to the questioner, but that’s how it was with Ran. At the beginning of the ninth grade, we were forced to part with Maran for good, and at the beginning of the 10th grade we already dedicated the tour in Jaffa to its name and we said that it was the “price to pay” for the wonderful curiosity. In memory of a young lad who wanted to know and understand a lot and was brutally stopped while he was still in his early days. “

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