Ram Rotenberg

Ram Rotenberg

Son of Haya and Avishai, Ram was born in Kibbutz Beit Nir on Saturday, 10 October 1977. He was a young brother of Lemur and an older brother of Udi, and when he was nine months old, the family moved to Kibbutz Shoval. He grew up and was educated in the company of the children in the kibbutz, an introverted, quiet, very clever and loved boy who was looking for his close friends and loved animals and livestock, Ram was excellent proof that every man has a name, no name that is more suited to his personality, and his name, Ram was tall and handsome, resolute and sharp And no one else had any influence on his decisions and the way to achieve them.55 He did not say a word, and when he did say something, he had a rare ability to clarify an entire situation in two short and fluent words in the same tone typical of those The kibbutz fields were loved and stamped in his soul – yellow spaces – when he was sixteen, the family left the kibbutz and moved to Ashdod. The separation from the kibbutz, the landscape and the familiar and beloved surroundings was difficult. Ram chose to study in an external high school, enrolled in a two-year curriculum and completed his matriculation exams within a year. Afterward, he worked in various jobs until he enlisted in the IDF, and was known as a good and dedicated employee, and therefore very wanted. In August 1996, Ram enlisted in the IDF and was stationed as a driver in the Gaza Division, but Ram was very pleased with the deployment, and immediately after the end of the five-month period he committed himself as a driver, began pressing for a combat unit. But Ram was determined, and for a year and seven months from the day he was drafted, he was transferred to the induction center, where he was reassigned to the armored corps. Despite his seniority, Ram insisted on going through the entire armored track, starting with basic training, without any discounts. During this period, the family moved to Ness Ziona, in a new and spacious home. Again, Ram had difficulty getting the transition and the detachment from the familiar surroundings. At the end of basic training and the commencement of the course, he was determined to be a tank driver. At the end of his training in the Golan Heights, Ram insisted on moving to a company that was going to Lebanon, and he was very pleased, despite the difficulties and discomfort associated with training and serving in the Armored Corps. Older and veteran in the IDF, and integrated into all types of activity without any assumptions. His comrades thanked him for this, appreciated his efforts and loved him. On July 10, 1999, Ram was killed during an operational operation in Lebanon, a month before his discharge from the IDF, before he turned twenty-two, and was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Ness Ziona. , Sister and brother The family published a pamphlet in his memory: “His death was like his life – short and abrupt, and he came by surprise. He died in the way he lived, fulfilling in his own way the goal he had strived for the past three years, with a rare determination that was only in his own hands – to be a combat soldier and to serve in Lebanon. So you can say that he managed to achieve something in his short life. The person who was great – in his uniqueness, in his rarity, in his beauty and especially in his kindness, which is not found in this world – will not existMore, and the world is much less good without him. “

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