Orbach, Shaul (Yekutiel)

Orbach, Shaul (Yekutiel)

Son of Sima Duba and Yosef David. He was born on May 20, 1921 in the city of Kielce, Poland, to a wealthy and proud Jewish family. In 1939, at the age of seventeen, Shaul traveled to Palestine to visit his relatives in Tel Aviv and to tour and become familiar with the land of his forefathers. The Second World War, which broke out in September of that year, prevented him from returning to Poland. Shaul was one of the first volunteers of the British Army’s cavalry corps to strike at the Nazi enemy. In April 1941, on his server in Greece, he was taken prisoner by the Germans together with many Palestine soldiers who were transferred to forced labor and forced labor camps in the Viatan mines in Silesia. Shaul participated in the most intense and dangerous battle that had taken place in the camp between the prisoners and the German commander, a cruel sergeant who had personally murdered two of the Palestinian prisoners. The prisoners declared a passive Mary and with their courage and composure ended the struggle to remove the murderer from the camp. Shaul was among the young and bravest among the fighters, but his strength did not stand him and he perished in German captivity on December 10, 1944. He was about 25 when he died. The efforts to transfer his bones to Eretz Israel encountered formal and legislative difficulties, but at the end of these efforts, mainly by his brother Raphael, his bones were brought to Israel twenty-three years after his death. He was brought to eternal rest on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem

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