Nathan Hai

Nathan Hai

Son of Matil and Yaakov, he was born in June 1928 in Munkács, Carpatho-Rus, Czechoslovakia. As the oldest son in a large family, his parents educated him in the spirit of religion and tradition. In 1941, at the age of 13, he immigrated to Israel and was sent to the religious youth village. Slowly he adjusted to the life of the country and steadily made his way. He aspired to live on a settlement, but because he did not find a suitable framework, he moved to Tel Aviv and developed hope and learned baking.

A month after the UN General Assembly voted to partition the country, he joined the Palmach. He served in Kiryat Anavim and in March 1948 was sent to accompany convoys to Kfar Etzion. On their way back to Jerusalem after successfully escorting a convoy to the besieged block, they were attacked by gang members who prevented them from continuing. The escort returned to Kfar Etzion and participated in its defense. “I may fall in one of my actions, but there is a good reason for it and worth it!” – he once told his friend. On the 5th of Nissan 5708 (May 4, 1948), a shell hit one of the stands near the Russian monastery and all the fighters there were killed, among them Natan.

On the 17th of Cheshvan 5710 (17.11.1949) he was laid to rest at the military cemetery at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

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