Mokadi, Uzi

Mokadi, Uzi

Son of Aliza and Amos, the youngest son of his parents, was born on the 25th of Av 5767 (25.7.1956) in the village of Yavne’el in the Lower Galilee. His family is among the oldest in the country, one of the founders of the colony. Uzi attended the local elementary school and continued his studies at the Kaduri agricultural school. He was proud of his studies at Kadouri, where his father also attended the first class of the school, where his two older brothers also studied there. A handsome man was a Uzi, smiling with green eyes, penetrating, expressing intelligence and sincerity. Uzi had something introverted, shy, but he was firm in his opinions, and as a boy he always stood at the center of social life in the colony and at school. He was loved by his teachers and friends, who sought his closeness. Uzi was always ready to help those who needed him. In May 1975, Uzi enlisted in the IDF’s Golani Brigade, where he commanded a company in the War of Independence, and in October 1975 he was promoted to corporal. To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He completed his regular service with the rank of lieutenant at the end of 1977. For two years Uzi returned to civilian life, as a farmer in his seat. He loved agricultural work, especially in the cowshed. Uzi married and built his home in Yavne’el. In May 1979, Uzi returned to command a company in the Golani Brigade, and in his capacity as commander, he managed to create an intimate relationship between himself and his fellow commanders, as well as with When the Peace for Galilee war broke out, Uzi fought with his unit in the western sector, advancing in the battles to the outskirts of Sidon, and on the 24th of Sivan 5746 (14.6.1982), he Came with his company to the enemy camp at Ein Hilwe, near Sidon, and was killed and killed at the age of 26. After he fell, he was rescued To the rank of captain Uzi was buried in the cemetery in Yavne’el and left behind a wife, a son, parents, two brothers and a sister, and his family published a booklet dedicated to his memory. Infantry. Was a brave fighter, a commander who loved his soldiers and commanders, straight and straight. “The commander of his unit wrote:” He led his soldiers to the battle to conquer Sidon, and in its suburbs fell. Uzi was loved by his soldiers and the pride of the entire unit. Thanks to him and his heroic friends, the people of Israel preserve their freedom and the land of the Land of Israel. His kindness and his qualities to help anyone without an account will serve as a model for the whole unit. “

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  • Name: חיה ופזית
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