Katsav, Ezra

Katsav, Ezra

Ezra, son of Ruchama and Asher, was born on May 9, 1950 in Amara, Iraq, and immigrated to Israel with his family there a year and attended the Chaim Weizmann elementary school in Rechovot, “Nachalat Yehuda” in Rishon Letzion and at the “Meir Shfeya” youth village near Zichron Yaakov. Ezra was a diligent and meticulous student, and his meticulousness in preparing the lessons and cleaning his books and notebooks served as an example for his friends. “He was a nice boy. If he was wronged, he would be able to rise up and argue until he was corrected. He had peace of mind and moderate speech. Ezra had a collection of symbols and a large collection of stamps, which he treated with great devotion, in which he nurtured a daffodil tree and raised ornamental fish in his home. Ezra was drafted into the IDF in early November 1967 and volunteered for the paratroopers. After completing basic training, he was assigned to serve as a guide, which was to his dismay, and he tried hard until he was sent during the War of Attrition to serve in the strongholds on the banks of the canal. He was assigned to a unit of minority soldiers who was forced to block the Jordanian border from infiltrating terrorists and to secure the transportation lines to Eilat, and he was an efficient, dedicated, disciplined, and sympathetic officer and did everything he was told to the satisfaction of his commanders. He rarely came home, and on many occasions gave up his vacations, in order to allow the reserve soldiers in his unit to join After he was discharged from regular service, he settled in Moshav Pecael and was soon appointed as the secretary of the moshav and in charge of security affairs in the area, and he devoted much thought, energy, and time to the housing problems of the newcomers. He was very friendly and easy to make friends, a bit timid, quiet, kind and pleasant. He was a loyal and devoted son to his family and on holidays and holidays he had many gifts for his brother and his sisters. During the Yom Kippur War, Ezra took part in the braking battles against the Egyptians on the Sinai front. He fell in battle on October 6, 1973, in the central sector of Sinai, and was brought to rest in the cemetery in Rechovot, leaving behind his parents, three brothers and two sisters.

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