Jacob Blanka

Jacob Blanka

Jacob was born on 6 June 1927 in Safed and studied in an elementary school, and he was interested in a life full of interest, traveling and wandering, and when he was 16 he enlisted in the British Navy and served in Israel and Egypt. He earned a silver trophy for excellence in sports, and when he was discharged from the navy he worked for a year and a half at the post office in Tiberias and at the outbreak of the War of Independence, As soon as the British left, even before he was drafted, he left his job and joined the Golani Brigade for full mobilization. During the Operation Horev in the south, on December 24, 1948, he served as a driver in the Jordan Valley, under a barrage of shells and shots, In the armored unit in the attack on the Absan outpost near Gaza, was seriously injured in the accident and was operated three times after the borders were brought to the market, and his doctor testified that he had suffered severe suffering and was heroically carrying it. As brave as he is. ” Jacob died on December 28, 1948, and was buried in the borders. On the 16th of Av 5709 (August 11, 1949) he was put to rest in the military cemetery in Tiberias.

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