Grinshpon, Benjamin (Benny)

Grinshpon, Benjamin (Benny)

Binyamin, the son of Pearl (Pnina) and Menahem Ze’ev (Mendel), was born on 12.1.1926 in Romania, in the town of Warsaw, in the Maramorch district in northern Transylvania (which was part of Romania at the end of the First World War). The town of Warsaw, at the foot of Mount Pietros, the highest mountain in the country, numbered about 3,000 Jews. Many of them were landowners, merchants and craftsmen. Others served as clerks, teachers, and workers. Most of the Jews in the district were Orthodox, some of whom belonged to the Hassidic stream. Among them were well-known rabbis, scholars and writers. (The legend says that Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov visited Warsaw many times, during the days when he hid in the caves and forests of the witness on the peak of the mountain.) Benjamin’s father was a prosperous merchant and a loyal Zionist, and the boy absorbed his longing for the homeland. He was a young student of the “Young Gordonia” movement, who advocated pioneering fulfillment and the revival of Hebrew culture, and was a good student who was interested in all branches of the Enlightenment, Munkács, Czechoslovakia, to attend the Hebrew Gymnasium in November 1938, following the Minne conference In 1940, during the Second World War, Hitler granted the northern Transylvania region, including the town of Maramorsh, to Hungary, where he was transferred to Hungary. (The end of the war returned to the sovereignty of Romania.) Few of the 150,000 Jews in the area were sent to forced labor, most were concentrated in the ghettos and were sent to extermination camps until 1944. All of Benjamin’s family perished in the Holocaust, And scarcity. After the war he stayed in DP camps in Germany, where he used his skills and served as a Hebrew teacher for refugees. Because of this activity, he postponed his immigration to Eretz Israel. When the War of Independence broke out, Benjamin joined the Haganah (National Recruitment) and was trained by Hagana emissaries, arriving on August 9, 1948 on the ship “Sant Antonio” (Nurit). He was stationed in Battalion 62 (“Beit Horon”) of the “Etzioni” Brigade (the “Jerusalem” Brigade) – Brigade No. 6. Binyamin was very proud of his service in the Hebrew army and his plans for the future were full and full. His new friends whom he knew in Israel liked him very much, appreciated his vast knowledge and his wonderful control of chess. Benjamin was seriously injured while carrying out his duties on July 6, 1949. Two days later, on July 9, 1949, he died of his wounds in the hospital. He was twenty-three years old when he fell. Benjamin was brought to rest in the military cemetery in Nahalat Yitzhak. Space is a “last scion”. The survivors of the Holocaust are survivors of the Holocaust who survived the last remnant of their nuclear family (parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters) who experienced the Holocaust in the ghettos and / or concentration and extermination camps and / or in hiding and hiding in territories occupied by the Nazis and / Or in combat alongside members of the underground movements or partisans in the Nazi-occupied territories who immigrated to Israel during or after World War II, wore uniforms and fell in the Israeli army

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