Fares,  Vaffi

Fares, Vaffi

Ben Tmima and naif. Born on October 4, 1987 in Hurfeish to a religious family with many children. Brother to Ruida, Amal, Fatma, Ashraf, Rajaa, Buwa, Ahlam, Bahia, Nahi and Nahai. And Effi studied in his village in the elementary schools of Ayish and Sultan al-Atat, and went on to the local junior high and high schools. He loved social life and had many friends. Was a disciplined son and devoted to his parents and had strong connections with his brothers and sisters. All he asked was received from his parents. And Effie was educated to the values ​​of helping others and loving the earth. He was a diligent man who liked to work, attracted to construction, paint and carpentry, and so he bought himself professional equipment. And Effi used to help his father with the land and the field and enjoyed it very much. Waffi had good hands with which he created special woodwork and various works of art. Wafi’s dream was to build an independent business as a paint contractor. When they finished high school and before he enlisted for about six months in painting homes and even employed his friends in this field. At the beginning of April 2006, Wafi joined the IDF and served as a combat soldier in the infantry unit of the infantry, and he was pleased with his service and discovered ambitions to advance in the army, but fate did not allow him to fulfill his dream. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Hurfeish, leaving parents and ten brothers and sisters.

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