Bar-El, Meir-Yaakov

Bar-El, Meir-Yaakov

Meir-Ya’akov, son of Frieda and Alek Pincus, was born on 17.6.1952 in Cape Town, South Africa, and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1966
After studying at the Herzliya Elementary School in Cape Town and the King David School in Johannesburg, he continued his high school studies at the agricultural school in Pardes Hanna and completed them at the Ironi Aleph High School in Tel Aviv. He studied well in the agricultural school but decided to continue in high school because of his interest in economic studies, which he was not satisfied, due to the level of mathematics studies in the agricultural school. Meir-Yaakov was a photography enthusiast and had a large collection of stamps. He liked to joke and have fun and had a sense of humor that was consistent with his serious approach to his ambitions and plans. He was preparing to study economics and related subjects at the university. Meir-Ya’akov was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in early August 1971. After completing basic training, he completed a tank commander’s course, was assigned to a unit of experiments and sent to an armored brigade in Sinai. “Meir-Yaakov excelled as an excellent, courageous and dedicated professional who is always willing to help his friends.” He always tried not to worry about his family and did not tell much about his difficulties and dilemmas. Meir-Yaakov took part in the braking battles against the Egyptians on the Sinai front on October 8, 1973. He fought with his unit on the Talisman axis in Sinai and at the Hamutal post. During the battle he came to the aid of a damaged tank and when he was engaged in rescuing the tank, he was killed by a direct hit He was brought to rest at the cemetery in Kiryat Shaul and left behind his parents, two sisters, and a brother, and was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant.
In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “We managed to get to know Meir-Yaakov as a devoted and responsible soldier, who shows maturity and seriousness beyond his age, integrates well with teamwork and participates in every mission.
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